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What to read in September?…New Releases

It’s hard to believe September is well underway! There are SO many excellent books releasing this month!! I wish I could have pre-ordered all of them, but I graciously settled for two. The remainder went onto my Amazon wish list. I can’t promise myself that I won’t add to my book mail later this month; these new releases are just that intriguing!

The first new release I purchased was Fable by Adrienne Young.

Fable by Adrienne Young

Fable is the first installment in Young’s new young adult fantasy duology, released on September 1, 2020.

Fable is a seventeen-year-old girl, mourning the death of her mother. To Fable, the sea is her home, despite her mother’s drowning. Her father is a trader, and Fable wishes to join his crew. Shockingly, Fable’s father betrays her, abandoning her on an island to survive on her own. Her strong desire to survive and join the crew engages, and she knows she must rely on the skills her mother taught her to be successful. What dangers await Fable? Is Fable successful at her attempt to leave the island? Will Fable locate her father and be allowed to join his crew?

I am looking forward to finding out how Fable’s adventure unfolds. I’m delighted I purchased this book. When this book arrived, it brought such a smile to my face, it has a gorgeous cover! My smile widened when I realized there would be a sequel. I have read Adrienne’s first book, Sky in the Deep, and I am currently reading the sequel, The Girl the Sea Gave Back. I enjoyed Sky in the Deep, and I am enjoying The Girl the Sea Gave Back, so I’m excited to read Fable.

The second book I purchased was Skyhunter by Marie Lu. This book has a release date of September 29, 2020. Although I have not held it in my hands, I just know it will be stunning! Look at this cover!!

Skyhunter by Marie Lu

Skyhunter is a science fiction fantasy novel for young adults by the talented Marie Lu. Do not let the young adult aspect of this book deter you; many adults are enamored by Lu’s works. This book may or may not be the beginning of a series. I’ve seen conflicting information in that regard. Either way, I am ALL IN on this one!

Talin is a Striker, a warrior who acts as part of the elite fighting force tasked with defending Mara, the only remaining free nation in the world. An army of mutant beasts known as Ghosts is responsible for destroying surrounding nations. An encounter between Talin and a prisoner raises further concerns. One thing is for sure; Talin is prepared to lay down her life for her country. Will Talin and her fellow warriors successfully defend Mara? Who is this mysterious prisoner, is he friend or foe?

I read the synopsis of this book and it was a must-have for me. Shortly after my purchase, I became aware that an excerpt from the book is available on the publisher’s website. You can read the excerpt on the Macmillan Publishers website here.

Here are some of the other September releases getting excellent reviews. (Some, not all.)

In truth, I attempted to purchase Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas when it was released on September 1, 2020. I went to the bookstore, specifically with this book in mind, and the bookstore didn’t have any in stock. So, I would still really love to purchase it this month! If you are on Twitter, follow Aiden! He is a beautiful soul, and I love his tweets.

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Thank you for reading!

What September releases are you most excited for?

If I could purchase two more new releases this month, which two should I choose?

Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you!

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