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My Favorite Bookish Things October 2020

I myself am a “bookish” person, and as such, I LOVE “bookish things.” Are you wondering what bookish things are? Bookish things are “things of or relating to books.”

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, but lately, a close second has been collecting bookish things. With the holiday season approaching, I plan on showcasing some of my favorite bookish things over the next couple of months. These are items that I have purchased myself, found myself pleased with my purchases, and would gladly purchase again.

This installment of bookish things I love focuses on two small businesses. I love finding businesses like these to support. I have found that small business owners, especially in the bookish community, are fully committed to customer service and high-quality products.

First up in this October installment of My Favorite Bookish Things is CatMomCo on Etsy. Mollie is the talented owner behind the gorgeous handmade items in this shop. I stumbled upon her on Instagram. I really enjoy chatting with her, and her store is one of my favorite places to shop!

My favorite items from CatMomCo are the bookmarks Mollie offers. She creates stunning handmade resin and laminated bookmarks.

Mollie’s resin bookmarks are often one-of-a-kind and come in a variety of colors and designs. I have several of these in my collection, and I absolutely love them! They are even more stunning in person than what you see in her photographs.

There is an option to customize your resin bookmark for a truly unique bookish thing. I think a unique personalized bookmark would be a wonderful gift for any book lover in your life or if you’re looking to treat yourself. She also offers laminated bookmarks that feature quotes from your favorite author or book.

Besides her handmade bookmark selection, Mollie also offers gorgeous handmade earrings and keychains in her shop. I have a pair of statement earrings she made, and they are gorgeous! I really love these black cat earrings too, don’t you?

I hope you will stop by CatMomCo on Etsy and check out all of Mollie’s handmade creations. She adds new items to her shop regularly, so it’s a great idea to follow her on Instagram. From time to time, she offers sales and/or giveaways, and as a follower, you will be one of the first to know about these offers.

The second small business I would like to share with you is Wicks By Pearl. Kenzie is the talented owner of Wicks By Pearl, offering hand-poured vegan soy candles. I discovered these amazing candles via Instagram, and I’m so glad that I stumbled upon them! Her candles have quickly become some of my favorite bookish things.

What I really love about Wicks By Pearl is that Kenzie’s candles are inspired by books or bookish things! If you’re looking for bookish candles, this shop should be at the top of your list!

Kenzie’s candles come in several different sizes, as well as in the form of wax melts. Depending on the size, they come in either a tin or glass jar. The candles have wooden wicks so that they crackle when they burn!

I recently ordered several of her wax melts and use them every day. They smell amazing, each melt lasts several hours, and they are easy to clean out of my diffusers. I usually change the melts out in the morning and keep my diffuser going all day. The scent is recognizable throughout the day, and sometimes the following morning after I turn the diffusers back on. My favorite wax melt so far is Day Court, inspired by Sarah J Maas’ A Court of Thrones and Roses series.

Kenzie offers special edition bundles that are inspired by a favorite book or series. The scents Kenzie uses in the candles reflect the book or series and often include a bit of sparkle too!

Another option is to choose a candle inspired by your favorite genre or fandom! I have a Baby Yoda on the way and can’t wait to see how the “child” smells when it arrives!

Kenzie just restocked her shop and is currently offering an amazing sale. For a limited time, she is offering a BOGO 50% off sale. I believe this sale runs through 11:59 PM CST on October 25, 2020. Now is the perfect time to visit Wicks By Pearl and pick up some candles for a gift or treat yourself!

I hope that you’ll stop by Wicks By Pearl and browse through Kenzie’s high-quality handmade candles, and maybe purchase some while you are there as well. Following Kenzie on Instagram is a great way to see her candles in action, be informed of restockings and sales, and she has a great bookstagram account too.

I plan on sharing more of my favorite bookish things in the next couple of months and in the future as well. If you have a favorite bookish shop that you think I should feature, please contact me so I can check it out. I’m always on the lookout for more amazing bookish things!

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I hope you enjoyed this installment of My Favorite Bookish Things!

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