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September Audiobook Roundup

I have recently discovered the joy of audiobooks. I’m not certain why this took so long. I listen to them while driving, cleaning house, writing, and even in the shower. If you haven’t yet found the joy of listening to a book, maybe I can convince you to try one of these titles out!

So far, I’ve been lucky in choosing wonderful audiobooks, with the exception of one. (Sorry, I just could not get into the Geekerella audiobook, I tried!) Here is what I’ve been listening to this month…

The Girl Beneath the Sea

Written By Andrew Mayne

Narrated By Susannah Jones

Running Time 9 hours 16 minutes.

The Girl Beneath the Sea is the first book in the Underwater Investigation Unit series by Andrew Mayne.

This book is a psychological thriller that takes place in Florida. The storyline follows Sloan McPherson, a recovery diver, who finds herself wrapped up in an investigation involving drug smugglers and murder. As the story unfolds it is clear McPherson and her family are in danger, and solving this case is the only way that they can feel safe again.

I enjoyed this audiobook, it certainly was thrilling! Being a Floridian I especially appreciated the setting, as I was familiar with the geography of the state and surrounding locations. The author does a good job of providing setting details so that those without this first-hand knowledge may also enjoy this book. The narration could have been more enthusiastic in places but was a pleasure to listen to.

I would recommend this audiobook to those who enjoy psychological thrillers. This one is unique in that much of the action takes place underwater. Of course, those who are familiar with Florida will especially enjoy this audiobook.

I recently read and reviewed the second book in this series, Black Coral, which releases on February 16, 2021. You can read my full review here.

If you would like to purchase this audiobook you can do so here.

Star Daughter

Written By Shveta Thakrar

Narrated By Soneela Nankani

Running Time 13 hours 6 minutes.

Thakrar’s debut is absolutely the most magical book I have had the pleasure to read in a long time. Of the audiobooks I am sharing here, this one would easily be my favorite.

Sheetal is nearing her 17th birthday, this half-star, half-human, is trying to find her place among her peers. The story that unfolds is one of magic, music, and love. Thakrar weaves a beautiful storyline that reads like poetry throughout this lovely coming of age book. Sheetal’s destiny is unique and mesmerizing.

Nankani’s narration flows so well with the writing that the story and characters really come to life. There are Indian names and references throughout the book, and I loved hearing how they were pronounced. This book is truly a beautiful story, both written and spoken.

Readers who enjoy magical fantasies, young adult coming of age stories or folklore will be enamored by Star Daughter. I highly recommend this book and recording. There isn’t a thing I feel needs criticism. I am hoping the story of the Star Daughter continues, but I believe this is a stand-alone work. I hope that Shevta has another amazing work in progress, rather it be a continuation of this story or something entirely new.

If you would like to purchase this audiobook you can do so here.

The Night Swim

Written By Megan Goldin

Narrated By Bailey Carr

Running Time 9 hours 59 minutes.

The Night Swim by Megan Goldin is a psychological thriller with a very emotional storyline.

The city of Neapolis is on edge as a high profile rape trial will soon commence. Rebecca runs a podcast entitled, “Guilty or Not Guilty.” The current season of her podcast will recount the details of the rape trial as they occur in the courtroom. Soon, Rebecca has more than one case drawing her attention after she is contacted by a listener, Hannah, looking for help. The events that unfold are suspenseful, harrowing, and at times disturbing.

I found this audiobook to be unique because Rebecca’s podcasts sound like actual podcasts. This was an emotional listen, hearing testimony given during the trial brought me to tears on more than one occasion. This aspect of the audiobook really allowed me to connect with the characters, in a way I couldn’t have if reading the physical book. The storyline is told from three points of view, Rebecca’s, Hannah’s, and the Guilty or Not Guilty Podcasts.

This book does center around a rape case, and it is graphic in nature. For that reason I would not recommend this book to anyone sensitive to this topic. I would recommend this book to those who are looking for an emotional thriller. I found this book to be empowering, the narration is enjoyable, and the storyline is well-written.

If you would like to purchase this audiobook you can do so here.

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