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Sci-Fi Saturday Shout Out; The Leron Series

Empyrean: Leron Series Book One By Nicole L. Bates

I stumbled upon Indie author Nicole L. Bates on Instagram, and it was kismet! She just happened to be the talented author of The Leron Series, a self-published, three-part science fiction series.

Nicole graciously offered to send me the first book in the series, Empyrean. She described it as “an alien prophecy meets a human quest for survival in this other-world science fiction adventure.” Science fiction is one genre that I have really been diving into lately, and after hearing that description I was 100% sold! I was thrilled to receive this gorgeous copy of Empyrean.

Be prepared for an escape from the world as you know it…

Jahira, her family, and many others have resided on The Aquilo after Earth was destroyed. Now, after a tragic accident, they are fleeing The Aquilo to save their lives from imminent destruction. Sadly, not everyone is successful in their efforts to flee The Aquilo. Jahira and her crewmates find themselves fighting for survival while looking for a new, habitable planet to colonize. At the same time, a group of Aliens, the Leroni, is fighting for their own survival against the harsh conditions of The Season of Ice.

The mysterious planet of Leron is a difficult place to live; rather, you are human or alien. Dangers are rampant. Silver pools draw you to drink, only to cause erratic life-threatening behavior. Freezing white-outs seem to occur with little to no notice, bringing with them well-below freezing temperatures. While Jahira is working to help her human counterparts survive, Kranar hopes to fulfill the prophecy that will save his alien race.

The story that unfolds is a page-turner. This story is one of survival but also one of empathy, acceptance, and strength against all odds.

I really loved that this book holds to the genre. I have read several science fiction books that really seem like a mash of science fiction and fantasy. I have loved many of those “mashed-books,” but what I enjoy more is a true science fiction piece, and Empyrean certainly fits the bill. There are spaceships, aliens, planets, solar systems, and all of the bells and whistles one would expect from science fiction, which was great!

While it is true that the general aspects of the genre, such as space ships are present, Empyrean is unique in the emotional storyline presented. There is an emotional element to the storyline that unfolds, unlike any other, I have read in this genre. Bates’ writing style reveals these emotional elements in such an endearing and intriguing manner that, as a reader, you begin to feel the emotions of the characters and the events that take place. The emotional storyline was my favorite aspect of Empyrean.

Overall, I happily award Empyrean 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to others. If science fiction isn’t a genre you gravitate towards, I feel that this particular book could be a good introduction to the genre. You certainly get the science fiction aspects of the story, but the emotional aspects of the story will enthrall readers who enjoy, say…romance too!

If you would like to read Empyrean, you can pick up a copy here. This is honestly one of my favorite science fiction books that I have read lately, so I really hope you’ll grab a copy and give it a go. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

This story doesn’t end with Empyrean, which I was happy to hear! There are two more installments in The Leron Series to enjoy once you read book one. Personally, I have avoided reading the synopsis of books two and three because I do not want to risk spoiling any of the storylines for myself or others.

That being said, book two of The Leron Series is titled Empyrean’s Fall and can be purchased here. Book three of The Leron Series is titled Empyrean’s Future and can be purchased here.

I am certain that I will be reading the remainder of this series, and hope that you will enjoy it as well! I’m so glad that I met Nicole and look forward to seeing what the future holds for her as a writer and what the future holds for her characters. Thank you again for putting forth into the world such an amazing science fiction collection and for sharing it with me!

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