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Indie Author in the Spotlight: Catherine Downen

Before introducing you to the talented Catherine Downen, I wanted to explain what indie authors are, for those unaware.

Indie authors publish their books themselves rather than working with a publishing house. For them to be successful, they must reach as many potential readers as possible. It may surprise you to learn that there is a large, supportive writing community on Twitter. Indie authors make up a substantial portion of this community. I have found many excellent books and new authors via Twitter that I likely would not have discovered otherwise.

I follow many of indie authors on my Twitter account. When you have a chance stop by and check out some of their profiles, follow a few accounts, and maybe find your next book or new favorite author! While you are there be sure to follow the spotlighted indie author, Catherine Downen.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Catherine Downen and her young adult series, The Markings. This series is part fantasy, part science fiction, and results in a page-turning read. I recently read the first book in the series, titled The Markings.

It is the year 5019, sixteen-year-old Adaline has spent 2,436 days in prison on the island of Dather, once known as Oahu, in the city of Garth. She is imprisoned with her mother and younger brother. Adaline knows that unless she can escape the prison she will be sentenced to death, the fate of all prisoners. When Adaline’s mother is taken for her death sentence she knows that the time has come for her escape attempt.

As the story unfolds, we learn how some individuals, the gifted, have enhanced senses due to atomic energy released during an asteroid shower just over 100 years prior. Under King Renon’s rule, those who are gifted are hunted down, captured, and face a harrowing fate. The gifted who are lucky enough to avoid capture can find safety on the island of Libertas. Arriving on Libertas is not an easy task; it is down-right dangerous and certainly not guaranteed. Will Adaline and her brother successfully escape from the prison? What obstacles and fate await those who are gifted? What will be the key to survival?

I love Downen’s writing style. It is so descriptive and engaging. I was drawn right into this story and couldn’t wait to read onward to see what happened next. Her character and world development are enthralling. She has inserted surprising plot twists when you least expect them, and the suspense is perfectly timed. The characters go on a quest, which may be a common trope in fantasy; however, this quest is unique and refreshing. I enjoyed how the fantasy elements intertwined with science fiction elements throughout the book.

I highly recommend The Markings to anyone who enjoys a unique fantasy quest with science fiction twists and turns. No need to be a young adult! I’m 40 years young and loved this book. This book is a wholesome young adult book; there is no profanity, nor is there any graphic adult content. There is a romantic element to the storyline, at an appropriate level for teens or young adults.

If you would like to check out The Markings and purchase it, you may do so here. You will be helping an indie author and, in exchange, have an excellent new book to read!

Another important note, once you read The Markings, the sequel, Crowning Keys is going to be a MUST HAVE….TRUST ME!!!! But, you are going to have to wait until January 12, 2021, to read it. No worries, grab yourself a copy of Crowning Keys now so that you can continue this fantastic story on release date without any delay.

While we await the January 12, 2021 release date, you’ll be happy to know that you can follow updates on The Markings series on Instagram! Catherine updates her followers on “all things” The Markings on both Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to follow her on both platforms.

I’ve really enjoyed sharing with you, and I hope you give The Markings series a read, you won’t be disappointed!

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Thank you for reading!

Do you plan on reading The Markings?

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