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Bookish Things

So, what are bookish things, you ask? Merriam-Webster defines “bookish” as, “of or relating to books” and, “fond of books and reading.” This website was created to share bookish things. Bookish things are things of or relating to books. I refer to myself as bookish, because I am fond of books and reading. If you are bookish, you have come to the right place!

About Book Reviews

Authors rely on book reviews to give their books more visibility to potential readers. This is true for authors with major publishers as well as indie authors. Major publishers establish sales quotas for their authors. If they fail to reach these, they could be dropped. Indie authors self-publish their work. They must reach as many readers as possible to be profitable.

My Bookish Blog

I am an aspiring writer. My blog allows me to hone my writing skills. While doing so, I get to share my love of books and book related things with you. Additionally, my blog allows me to support authors and creators of bookish things. I have already met so many amazing authors and creators through my love of books. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you and meeting others.

A Few of My Favorite Things

I personally subscribe or have purchased items from these bookish sources. I highly recommend them and hope you will check them out.

OwlCrate is a carefully curated bookish subscription box for Young Adult fans. Each box arrives with a newly released, often special edition, hardcover book. In addition, 3 to 5 bookish goodies are added to the box. There is a junior version available for the younger reader.
Book of the Month is a book-only subscription box covering several genres. Each month subscribers can choose one, or more hardcover books to add to their collection. Some of the options are early releases! The best part is that when you sign up, your first book is only $9.99!! After that the price increases slightly, but remains lower than typical hardcover prices.